New for the 2013 hunting season is the AeroHead 716030 Mossy Oak Infinity by LaCrosse.  It’s an all-season hunting boot with a unique liquid polyurethane over neoprene construction meant to provide superior waterproofing and increased flexibility.  The polyurethane covers the entire foot, and stretches up the front to provide protection from thorns and sticks, which have been known to puncture other LaCrosse boots. These boots also feature a built-in shank, thick cushioning in the foot, and a rugged rubber outsole.

Not nearly as bulky as some of the other LaCrosse rubber hunting styles (but likely, not nearly as warm), this boot is still said to provide moderate insulation.  Because the AeroHead does not use Thinsulate insulation, the insulation level it does have will be coming from the neoprene itself, and likely some sort of thermal foam base.  It’s a trade off that we think is fair– but, one to keep in mind.  This is likely not the boot for those living in temperatures that regularly fall below freezing.

All-in-all, it’s a very nice all season hunting boot.  The added protection up the front of the boot is welcomed, and the fit is billed to be some the best from LaCrosse yet.   We’re excited to offer this boot in-store and online.  Please feel free to visit our online store using the link above.


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